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Guiding Questions?
  • What specific technology strategies and resources can teacher educators utilize to support relevancy, learning and global competencies?
  • Do you read a history book the same as a science textbook, a novel, or a math word problem?

Objectives: What will participants know and be able to do as a result of participation?
  • Participants will be able to use reading comprehension strategies and cool technology tools to support literacy across the curriculum.

  • Participants will be able to implement the use of technology such as Wiki, EdPuzzle, Today's Meet, Voki, Voice Thread, and other cool technology tools effectively to teach literacy in teacher education.
  • Participants will be able to design a literacy unit using cool technology tools and reading strategies

Voki (free)

TPACK: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge


The Odyssey & the Epic Hero Summative Assessment
NC English Iā€”Ninth Grade www.newlitinstitute.wikispaces.com/

TPACK Table for Summative Assessment on the Odyssey & the Epic Hero
*Students will need computers to complete their final product. Students will have a choice between presenting their final project in a Glogster; a Webspiration or Inspiration; a video using Movie Maker; a PowerPoint; or a Wiki using PBWiki, WikiSpaces, or Google Sites.
*Students must incorporate a Voki, hyperlinks, and a moving video.
*The assignment will be delivered to students via the class webpage.
*Assignment assesses mastery over NCSCoS for English I.
*Assignments are scaffolded within the framework of a comprehensive unit on the Odyssey and the Epic Hero.
*Students are required to access prior knowledge on the characteristics of an epic hero and apply it to figures present in contemporary media.
*Students have to synthesize their findings to create a product that demonstrates their knowledge of this topic.
*Their products will also demonstrate mastery over several technologies.
*Teacher must have a comprehensive understanding of the Odyssey, the role Odysseus has as an epic hero, traditional defining characteristics of an epic hero.
*Teacher must be able to extrapolate these characteristics into a modern context that includes pop-culture heroes.
*Teacher must have an awareness of popular culture to help guide students in their selection of a contemporary fictional hero.
*Teacher must have mastered the use of all involved technologies.
Nonfiction Secondary Lesson Plan using the TPACK model
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