Wordle--vocabulary building

My favorite is tagxedo. I have used it as a visual to compare writings or to show students which words are repeated most in their own writings.,

Voice Thread
Voice Thread is all online and is not able to download. It is a tool for digital storytelling. Voice Thread requires an email address to begin access. Teachers can create email to maintain control of access. Voice Thread allows students to upload pictures and then add a voice narrative to create the digital storytelling. This cool tool portrays the TPACK model of instruction by including a scaffolded method that includes content knowledge with technology and literacy skills.
Voice threads can be used by anyone at any age.

I have seen Voice Thread used in art class to show different types of art or to show various works by different artists in the same era. The teacher then had students annotate ways the works were similar and different (comparison/contrast) and write an essay from these images.

I was excited by the possibilities of using Voice Thread in a classroom for digital storytelling. Ideas for digital storytelling using Voice Thread include using it in the beginning, to connect prior knowledge with the story or after reading for retelling Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 or George Orwell’s Animal Farm.


Use a Voki to introduce a lesson--see several examples on the home page of this wiki.


Toondoo could be used as a create KWL. What do students know? What to they want to know? What did they learn?

Toondoo could also be used for context clues or to introduce new vocabulary.